Is it safe?
Data flow has been verified by our partners: Microsoft, Google, Meta, Pinterest and Dropbox.
How it actually works is very secure:

  • First, the user is prompted a 6 character unique random link code generated and encrypted in our secure database.
  • Next, the user goes to the website to grant access to PhotoTV to the cloud/social account.
  • Extra long tokens are generated by the service providers and are stored for 2 hours on our secure database.
  • Once PhotoTV requests the tokens, they are transferred over a secure connection to the Roku device/TV in question and are stored in an encrypted database on the device available only to the app.
  • From that time on, secure connections are established between PhotoTV and the service providers to list folders, download media, etc.
  • When the source is unlinked or the app is uninstalled, account tokens and all data cached by PhotoTV on the device is wiped.

For information on how your data is protected, visit our privacy policy.