PhotoTV offers different ways to display images on the screen. They can be set by going to the source and/or folder and selecting the desired value. Folders can choose to use the same setting as their source or override it. Below is a description of the display modes:

Same as SourceUse the same display mode applied to the parent source.
Limit SizeScales the image so that the maximum width and height in either dimension does not exceed the screen width or height. If the image is smaller in both dimensions than the screen width and height, the image is loaded at its regular size. Aspect ratio is preserved.
No ScaleThe image will be loaded at its original resolution. If the screen’s width and height differ from the image’s resolution, it will be scaled to fill the screen’s dimensions. Aspect ratio is not preserved.
Scale to FitScales the image to fit into screen preserving the aspect ratio but letterboxing or pillarboxing the image.
Scale to FillStretches the image dimensions to fill the screen, distorting the image if the screen has a different aspect ratio than the image.
Scale to ZoomScales the image to fill the screen preserving the aspect ratio but not letterboxing or pillarboxing the image, with some of the image cropped out.