Link PhotoTV to Flash Memory

Some Roku devices have a USB port to which a flash memory could be attached. If your device supports USB, you can add images to a USB flash memory and display them on your TV using PhotoTV. Supported image types are .jpg, .jpeg and .png. To set this up, you will need to do the 2 following steps:

1. Create a USB source.

  • Navigate to PhotoTV on your Roku device/TV.
  • Photo Sources → Link New Source.
  • Enter a name for your source. USB should be selected as the source type.
  • Hit the “Test and Link” button.

2. Link folders under your USB source.

  • Once the USB source is created, navigate to (Source Name) → Folders → Link New Folder.
  • Simply browse to the desired folder.
  • Hit the “Test and Link” button.

At any time, you can modify source and folder information, link more sources, folders, etc. Changes to the settings as well as folder content will be applied the next time the slideshow/screensaver runs.