Link PhotoTV to Google Account

PhotoTV 1.9.7 is now available on the Roku store with a fix to the error message that used to occur when a very large number of Google Photos images are requested. A manual device update can be triggered to download the new version right away: Roku Home Screen → Settings → System → System update → Check now.

PhotoTV allows you to display photos from your Google Photos and Drive accounts on your Roku TV/device. Supported file extensions are .jpg, .jpeg and .png. To set this up, you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a Google source
  2. Link folders under your Google source

First, creating a Google source

  • Navigate to PhotoTV on your Roku device/TV.
  • Photo Sources → Link New Source.
  • Enter a name for your source. Google Photos & Drive should be selected as the source type.
  • PhotoTV needs to be authorized to access your Google account. To do that, follow this link . Once you get the Link Code, you will need to enter it in the field where PhotoTV asks for it.
  • Once all information is entered, hit the “Test and Link” button.

Second, linking folders under your Google source

  • Once the Google source is created, navigate to (Source Name) → Folders → Link New Folder.
  • Select the folder type: Google Photos or Google Drive.
  • Simply browse to the desired folder.
  • Hit the “Test and Link” button.

At any time, you can modify source and folder/album information, link more sources, folders, etc. Changes to the settings as well as folder content will be applied the next time the slideshow/screensaver runs.

Is it safe?
Data flow has been verified by all service providers: Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Dropbox. How it actually works is very secure:
  • First, the user goes to the website to authorize PhotoTV to access his social/cloud account.
  • Extra long tokens are generated by the service providers and are stored temporarily on our secure database. The tokens self-destroy in a couple of hours.
  • When the 6 character link code is entered on PhotoTV, the extra long tokens are transferred over a secure connection to the Roku device/TV in question and are stored in an encrypted database on the device available only to the app.
  • From that time on, secure connections are established between PhotoTV and the service providers to list folders, download images, etc.
  • When the source is unlinked or the app is uninstalled, all source data are wiped.