PhotoTV allows you to display photos from your Google Photos on your Roku TV/device. To set this up, you will need to do the 2 following steps:

1. Connect a new source to Google Photos using a link code.

  • Navigate to PhotoTV on your Roku device/TV.
  • Photo Sources → Link New Source.
  • Enter a name for your source. Google Photos should be selected as the source type.
  • PhotoTV needs to be authorized to access your Google Photos account. To do that, follow this link. Once you get the Link Code, you will need to enter it in the field where PhotoTV asks for it.
  • Once all information is entered, hit the “Link Source & Connect to Google Photos” button.

2. Link albums under your Google Photos source.

  • Once the source is created, navigate to (Source Name) → Albums → Link New Album.
  • Simply browse to the desired album.
  • Hit the “Test and Link” button.

At any time, you can modify source and album information, link more sources, albums, etc. Changes to the settings as well as album content will be applied the next time the slideshow/screensaver runs.

Is it safe?
Data flow has been verified by all service providers: Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Dropbox. How it actually works is very secure:
  • First, the user goes to the website to authorize PhotoTV to access his social/cloud account.
  • Extra long tokens are generated by the service providers and are stored temporarily on our secure database. The tokens self-destroy in a couple of hours.
  • When the 6 character link code is entered on PhotoTV, the extra long tokens are transferred over a secure connection to the Roku device/TV in question and are stored in an encrypted database on the device available only to the app.
  • From that time on, secure connections are established between PhotoTV and the service providers to list folders, download images, etc.
  • When the source is unlinked or the app is uninstalled, all source data are wiped.