No photo to display!

The “No photo to display!” message could show as a result of several reasons. All of them cause the program not to find any image to display. The following points summarize the reasons behind it:

All Source Types

  • No source with an enabled folder was found. Make sure you enable the desired sources and folders.
  • No image with any of the supported file extensions (.jpg, .jpeg and .png) was found in any of the linked folders.
  • Linked and enabled folders are no longer valid (ex. folders have been renamed or deleted). Run connection test on all sources to ensure that all source and folder connections are intact.

Online Sources (Google Photos and Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive & PhotoTV)

  • Daily limit has been reached and no photo was found in the cache. Consider increasing your Daily Download Limit from the PhotoTV settings.
  • No internet connection while all enabled sources are Online Sources and the device does not have any image cached.

* Refer to Tips to Reduce Internet Usage for more information on making good use of your device’s cache.

Cloud Sources (Google Photos and Drive, Dropbox & OneDrive)

  • Authorization revoked for a cloud source to access the cloud account. Test connection to make sure the source is linked properly relinking the source if necessary.

USB Source

  • Flash memory was ejected or corrupted. Test the connection for your linked USB sources in order to ensure that the USB devices are accessible.