PhotoTV vs Digital Frames

PhotoTV is a Roku app that provides ways to display thousands of stunning HD images out of the box as well as stunning personal images from the user’s cloud accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) and flash memories.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all screen sizes: PhotoTV can be installed on any Roku device/TV on any TV/screen. All you need is a $3.99 PhotoTV app and a $45.16 Roku device to revive your memories on any old screen!
  • Multiple cloud integrations: Display images from multiple accounts at the same time!
  • Out of the box images: thousands of HD images grouped under 34 categories such as Dogs, Cats, Mountains, Waterfalls, etc. Users can enable their favorite collections for convenience.
  • Animations: Multiple animations to add fun to your slideshow.
  • Choose how images will display on the screen (scale to fill, zoom, fit, etc.)
  • Random and sequential slideshow.
  • Adjust transition time between images.
  • Set a desired daily download limit after which cached images will display.

Digital Frames on the other hand offer very limited functionalities with high prices. They are very small, come with less image sources, and few images. They are not fully customizable and don’t benefit from continuous upgrades. Finally, they cannot be used for other purposes other than displaying images.