An error preventing purchases from being recognized on some devices has been corrected in PhotoTV 1.9.2. You can now get the update by forcing a device update (Roku Home Screen -> Settings -> System -> System Update -> Check now), then open PhotoTV and click on Restore Purchases from PhotoTV Marketplace.

  • Advertisements in Slideshow
  • Unlock Rewards by Watching Ads
  • Lifetime Maintenance
  • Unlimited Images
100 Coins
  • Advertisements in Slideshow
  • Unlock Rewards Using Coins
  • Lifetime Support
  • Unlimited Images

For only $3.99 a year, you get an ad-free screensaver and slideshow unlocking all rewards automatically. Subscribing to PhotoTV is as simple as opening the Roku app and hitting Marketplace → Subscribe.

Alternatively, for only $3.99, you get 100 coins to unlock the rewards of your choice. Buying coins is as simple as opening PhotoTV and hitting Marketplace → Buy Coins.

After making the purchase, if your Roku box/TV is present in a public area and you would like to unlink your credit card from it, you may do so by following these steps.