PhotoTV is making efficient use of the Roku device’s cache memory in order to reduce the amount of downloaded photos by caching downloaded photos and serving them in future requests. Some models allow the extension of cache memory through the addition of a memory card. PhotoTV takes a step further synchronizing the cache with the cloud content not to blot out the memory card with outdated images. It is advisable to add a memory card to your Roku device if it has a memory card slot.

Besides, it is strongly recommended to attach your Roku device to a power outlet and not to TV USB input for the following reason: Attaching your Roku device to TV USB causes the device to lose power when the TV is powered off. Some Roku devices don’t have too much cache memory to store downloaded images and therefore use the device’s RAM to keep some of the content cached. RAM content is reset on device poweroff. Therefore, PhotoTV has to download most of the content on each device restart wasting internet bandwidth.